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Prof. Jose L. Salmeron

Principal Data Scientist @Tessella
(Altran group, part of Capgemini)
(Catedrático) Professor of Data Science @Universidad Pablo de Olavide (Spain)

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Prof. Jose L. Salmeron, Ph.D., Eng., ACLTM serves as Principal Data Scientist in Tessella (Altran group, part of Capgemini) and (Catedrático) Professor of Data Science and Director of the Data Science Lab at University Pablo de Olavide with over 20 years’ experience in research and teaching. Experience includes academic positions at several universities, consulting in IT industry and a broad spectrum of collaborations with private and public organizations (Intel, Cisco, Vodafone, Gilead, BBVA and others).

Prof. Salmeron is an enthusiastic scholar and he is really interested in inter-disciplinary and international team-building and sustained research projects collaboration. Moreover, he is actively involved (as the leader or team member) in several research projects, funded by national and international organizations, including the European Union and the Spanish Ministry of Science.

Prof. Salmeron is included in the Stanford list of the world’s top 2% scientists. He is the author or co-author of more than 200 scientific journals, conference papers and book chapters (ISI Web Science) and he has got more than four thousand citations from independent researchers from 20 countries (h-index=31 in Google Scholar). His main research interests span the areas of eXplainable Artificial Intelligence, Distributed Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Quantum computing and Federated Learning.

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eXplainable Artificial Intelligence, Distributed Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Quantum computing, Federated Learning and always keeping an eye on emerging trends


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